Week 2 – The Awakening

on October 13, 2014

Well, it’s week two already, time is flying by.  I love the reading of Scroll I, it’s like a beautiful, encouraging prayer.  Scroll I is words of wisdom for my soul, I mean my subconscious.  The funny thing is that I’m a very curious and impatient person and normally would be dying to know and probably would’ve already peeked at Scroll II through X, but I love Scroll I and have not even had the smallest desire to read one word beyond Scroll I.  I kinda felt like I cheated a bit on the webinar today when the slide actually showed Scroll II and I read a little of it off the slide.  The power of this and the ability to replace bad habits with good habits is amazing.  I need to do my out loud reading more consistently and with enthusiasm, my one son thinks I’m crazy, my husband is tuning me out a bit and just pretended to listen while I read.  My other son really needs this and is curious about it and thought it was something interesting with potential, I hope to share with him and will encourage him to participate next year.  I love the power of this journey and awakening of the subconscious, with the power to plant the seed of good habits.  The one quote, “Failure, like pain, is alien to my life” is something that resonates with me right now.  I’m going through some health issues and I truly believe in mind over matter and the ability to heal with positive, motivational thoughts.  Well, I’m off to edit my GS, Scroll I and making it present tense.


3 responses to “Week 2 – The Awakening

  1. ¡ Namaste ! 🙂 Stacie & I Hope You Are Having A Loving, Blessed, Happy, Healthy, And Prosper-Us Day…

    You Will Be Amazed at the “Spill-Over-Effect”, and the “Minds-That-Think-Alike-Effect” as you continue to Grow with #MKMMA. I know that Stacie & I have all-ways impacted each other’s Thinking, and you will do the same by Example for your husband and children.

    Pull on the #MKMMA Collective Mind and they will come along with you.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Love Well, Live Long, And Prosper-Us,
    With Love,
    I Truly Re-Main,


  2. lydjohnson says:

    Welcome to the Blog world Joyce!


  3. lydjohnson says:

    Joyce you shared a wonderful new experience. Thanks for your heart is this adventure.


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