Week 3 – Living in the Present Tense

on October 17, 2014

Read it, say it and become it. I’m noticing I’ve taken more action on items in all aspects in life. This is truly amazing, as I’ve tried to set my mind to do something in the past and with the best of intentions, until I lapse back into my old habits, my “old” blueprint. The power of being able to re-write that blueprint is … I’m at a loss for words because this is truly a powerful experience and I’m thankful to be able to transition my life with this journey. Thanks team for all the support and guidance, I’m loving life and all it has to offer right now!


3 responses to “Week 3 – Living in the Present Tense

  1. jlauden says:

    writJoyce, I agree. It is really amazing how much more you can accomplish when you begin to rewrite the old blueprint and replace it. Nicely written post. Kudos!



  2. lydjohnson says:

    So great to know you are loving it cause you are doing all the work!


  3. Joyce,

    ¡ Namaste ! 🙂 Stacie & I Hope You Are Having A Loving, Blessed, Happy, Healthy, And Prosper-Us Day…

    Having been a Traditional Draughtsman in My Twenties, I actually know a-thing-or-two about Blueprints. For one, they are NEVER permanent…Always subject to change…And, you – The Architect Of Your Life – from Haanel, Florence Scovel Shinn, James Allen, etc., – you are able to submit revisions when you so choose. That fact is what we are learning in the #MKMMA.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Love Well, Live Long, And Prosper-Us,
    With Love,
    I Truly Re-Main,


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