Week 5 – Stop and Think, Before I Speak – Opinions

This week’s exercise was to not voice your opinion, hold that thought before you blurt it out!  This was very hard, as I tend to speak my mind quite often, especially during football season.  Although, I came in first this week in two of my fantasy leagues, one was highest score and the other was a confidence pool with 60 people.  Does that make me an expert?  Lol,hardly!  I just wanted a reason to voice my opinion in football.  Go Bengals!  (That’s a cheer of support, not an opinion)

Back to what’s important, we were also given an assignment to create a ‘Press Release’ as if our DMP was already fulfilled, Harder than it sounds, we were asked to visualize exactly what we would feel, see and hear.  I’m still drafting mine, it’s been a very busy week and I know Mark stressed to trust the process and it’s a work in progress.  I have to take that leap of faith and just put it out there.

Loving the lessons and the sitting to clear the mind, my goes constantly and I really needed this.  I also just realized that today is November 1st, we get to move on to Scroll II, I read Scroll I earlier today from habit, can’t wait to read what’s in hold and shared in Scroll II.

Thanks Mark, Davene and Team!

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Week 4 – Thoughts That Fire Together, Wire Together

The subby’s connections are coming together, the shapes and colors that are tied to our PPNs, DMP and Services and how the thoughts that fire together, wire together.  This is very exciting and I’m actually seeing changes in my habits and chores/services that I haven’t completed in the past are now done!  I’m still shy with some of the out loud readings however, I am greatly improving and beginning to ignore what anyone thinks.  After viewing the video and this week’s webinar I’m committing 100%.  I also was enlightened about the law of giving and receiving, makes perfect sense, balance and harmony, thank you for explaining and sharing personal stories.


Week 3 – Living in the Present Tense

Read it, say it and become it. I’m noticing I’ve taken more action on items in all aspects in life. This is truly amazing, as I’ve tried to set my mind to do something in the past and with the best of intentions, until I lapse back into my old habits, my “old” blueprint. The power of being able to re-write that blueprint is … I’m at a loss for words because this is truly a powerful experience and I’m thankful to be able to transition my life with this journey. Thanks team for all the support and guidance, I’m loving life and all it has to offer right now!


Week 2 – The Awakening

Well, it’s week two already, time is flying by.  I love the reading of Scroll I, it’s like a beautiful, encouraging prayer.  Scroll I is words of wisdom for my soul, I mean my subconscious.  The funny thing is that I’m a very curious and impatient person and normally would be dying to know and probably would’ve already peeked at Scroll II through X, but I love Scroll I and have not even had the smallest desire to read one word beyond Scroll I.  I kinda felt like I cheated a bit on the webinar today when the slide actually showed Scroll II and I read a little of it off the slide.  The power of this and the ability to replace bad habits with good habits is amazing.  I need to do my out loud reading more consistently and with enthusiasm, my one son thinks I’m crazy, my husband is tuning me out a bit and just pretended to listen while I read.  My other son really needs this and is curious about it and thought it was something interesting with potential, I hope to share with him and will encourage him to participate next year.  I love the power of this journey and awakening of the subconscious, with the power to plant the seed of good habits.  The one quote, “Failure, like pain, is alien to my life” is something that resonates with me right now.  I’m going through some health issues and I truly believe in mind over matter and the ability to heal with positive, motivational thoughts.  Well, I’m off to edit my GS, Scroll I and making it present tense.


Week 1 – Rebirth

This is an incredible journey and opportunity, who really gets a chance to learn how to change their blueprint? Recreate habits, instill good habits to get the most out of yourself. I had a very positive upbringing, my Dad would have loved this! I was not allowed to use the word “can’t”, did the same with my children, however, I’m getting a little resistance from one of them on this when I shared it. Once he sees change within me, I’m sure he’ll come around. I need some life changes and am looking forward to discovering more about me and the person I can become by working smarter, not harder.

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